Welcome to my bistro

Horray! I purchased the bistro table of my dreams last night. And the store had last week’s sale price still on it and they honored it! Score! I can’t wait to have it set up on my micro patio, sipping coffee with my hubby, barking dog and all.

I also went shopping for my Project Colorswap TEXT partner. This swap thing is so very exciting! I can’t wait.

Speaking of the puppy, Mercy is currently digging at my sweatshirt that I wore on our morinng walk. Some residual scent of the coveted “Bill Jac” treats must remain in the pocket… For those who do not know, Mercy is our 1 year old yorkshire terrier (or yorkshire TERRORIST, whichever you prefer). She is our “furkid” and we love just about everything about her. Except the impolite walking. And barking. But Advanced Obedience is being offered this summer at our groomer’s/ trainers’ and I am thinking it would be wise to be there.

Baaaaaaaahhhh Puppy No! She’s eating the doormat. Did I mention she wants our full and undivided attention? I just read Cesar Milan’s book (the dog whisperer guy) and apparently I need to be a better pack leader. UGH.

I just got word that our camera will be fixed and shipped to us by the end of May- then I can figure out how to post pictures! Perhaps someone will let me borrow theirs in the mean time.

ENJOY your day!


3 responses to “Welcome to my bistro

  1. yay! congrats on the new blog and bistro table!

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