Mercy’s sun spot

This is one of Mercy’s favorite spots in the house- where the sunlight pours in through the skylights in our living room. It’s an old pic, she’s WAY cuter and has more hair now, and attitude, but I thought I’d give ya’ll a little glimpse at our furbaby.

To date, I have knit her three sweaters- one that was felted and we lost :(, a red cabled sweater, and a hot pink one! Yorkies don’t have undercoats, so they get real cold in the winter and shake, rattle & roll. My dear hubby one time forgot to put a coat of some kind on her and it was 33 degrees outside and raining. The poor dog was shivering so bad he had to call me and have me pick them up.

I have been thinking about diving into the world of sweaters, after I finish my many WIP’s… Lynne has inspired me to perhaps try the Josephine Sweater.

I would do it in cream, of course, as it would go with just about everything.

I don’t think I want to be making anything for summer…. it would probably take me too long. I might as well just start on stuff for the fall! LOL.

This would be the never-ending MegSwanson Shawl. Hopefully I will take some pics of MINE soon. I am at the halfway mark, minus the edging, so I guess that makes me LESS than halfway. AHH!!!! I think I will be working on this baby today while knitting with the girls.

Well, I am off to do the dreaded housework! Why does it never end?

Have a wonderful day!


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