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Lynne, you wonderful pal! Thanks for the tag. Here are my responses to the 7 x 7 meme:

Seven things to do before I die:

Run a marathon

Breed dogs.

Travel to Italy.
Backback through Europe.
Have children. A bunch!
Have a house wth a BIG yard to make gardens in.
Swim with dolphins.

Seven thing I cannot do:

Relax about the tidiness of the house.
Eat just one Pringle.
Pay full price for clothes.
Eat nuts (I’m allergic).
Plant stuff outside (we live in a condo)
Leave the puppy home alone all day and night.

Seven things that attract me to my husband:

His dancing skills

He loves me unconditionally, because he loves God first.

His smile.

He makes me laugh.

He gives the best hugs and back massages.

He always listens.

He is SO handsome and lovable!!!!!!! He is God’s perfect gift to me.

Seven books that I love:

My Bible

Redemption Remember Return Rejoice Remember (All by Karen Kingsbury)

Firstborn series (Kingsbury)

Seven Things I say:

Goodmorning, thank you for calling ABC Corporation.

I’m sorry, but he’s in a meeting right nonw, would you like his voicemail?

No Worries!



Love you!

Mercy NO!

Seven movies I have loved:

Three Amigos Hitch Best in Show Zoolander Office Space

Walk the Line.


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