How about that for some green, colorwappers!

Mercy and I “hit the trail” after I got home from work and hoofed, err pawed, it for an hour and a half!!! We walked down the trail, through the village, and ventured along the creek and stumbled upon a rather large park. There were many many trials to choose from and Mercy sure got a nose-ful of doggie gossip- sniffing everything!

We walked past Sweet Jennny’s, the old fashioned candy-store in the village, which is where I bought their specialty- French Silk Chocolate- to put in the pink cabled purse I sent to my mother-in-law for Mother’s Day.

The puppy was exhausted when we got back, a happy and tired dog.

I somewhat stuck to my diet today, the Southbeach Phase I, minus those annoying mints that are at my desk (the receptionist desk) that I don’t even like but end up eating anyways. UGH! I did, however, actually PLAN out meals for me to eat for the next five days. So that’s a step. Hopefully I will actually get up and go to the gym like I am supposed to tomorrow morning. Since Easter vacation, I just haven’t gotten back into the early morning groove. I need to get my groove back. LOL!

As for now… I am going to dutifully pack my gym bag, make the hubby some dinner he can have when he gets home from his final exam, knit some lace, and read!


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