My swap has arrived!!!

Yes, my May colorswap package arrived. And on a perfect day, no less. I received it Monday afternoon, while I was home sick with some awful throat/ nose/ yuckiness sleeping the day away while intermittenly working on my lace shawl. I let Mercy out and she bumped into a package! I was so excited in my cold medicined stupor!

Such beautiful handmade treasures! Look at the handspun yarn! And there are mohair locks that are green with directions to make what sounds like a pretty funky scarf. There was some chocolate…. but that didn’t last too long.

What a great swap! Thank you Lori !

On my no-good-terrible-feel sick day I was well enough for a few hours to knit- and I went through my first ball of yarn on my Meg Swanson shawl. Yes, 440 yds. Or a quarter mile. No Wonder why it takes to stinkin long to wind it into a ball!!! So here I am, day three of winding in between everything else. I am almost to the edging. Almost. Super close. 6 rows of 8 to go. I can see the light. Horray!

Some great news! My dear hubby has a meeting in the big apple on Friday and I am going too! We are staying for the weekend and are looking forward to a weekend in the city that never sleeps. 🙂 We’ll be looking for some fun yarn shops and chic doggy boutiques (although Mercy baby is going to “camp grandma” for the weekend) in addition to exploring Central Park and hopefully doing the cheesy touristy thing and go on a ferry ride, do the double decker tour bus thing, wave like a maniac in Times square in front of a morning news show, and maybe bump into some celebrities. I can’t wait.

The June colorswap is coming us… and it’s blue…. one of my favs!


One response to “My swap has arrived!!!

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