New York City

S0…we went to New York City this past weekend- and had a blast! We stayed in this great hotel that was SO close to everything in midtown. We were 3 blocks from Central Park, about 8 from Times Square- it was awesome!

We traipsed all over the city and visited 2 yarn shops, the one pictured here is me in front of Purl, a hip place in Soho. Do they have a great stash of premium fiber! Wow!

We also visited a yarn shop on Madison Ave called “The Yarn Connection”, where I purchased a Rowan magazine.

I found this pretty summer sweater that I think I might just try. It’s quite and investment…. the yarn is pretty pricey and it is done on size 1,2, & 3 needles. Uh, can you say toothpicks? I think I will purchase Addi’s in those sizes. Supposedly they make you knit faster. SUPPOSEDLY.

Finally, I did do some knittin’ on the trip. I decided to bring a lil portable project, like the afghan squares for the office/ guest room. The colors are a cocoa brown, sky blue, and I think I want to find a cream/ taupe color. We just purchased a futon to put in the office for when my in-laws come out to visit this summer and this will pretty much go with the color scheme of bed linens and curtains. Plus, it’s not too femme for Keith and he will still be able to keep the car photos & paraphenalia up.

Did I mention that I will be (weather permitting) diving into the world of bicycle communting tomorrow? I just need air in the tires, but I donn’t know where the air pump is.

Well, I must be going, I have to go watch the Sabres win!


2 responses to “New York City

  1. I am so jealous. You went to Purl, saw the dogwood colors in Koigu, and didn’t bring me any???? I can’t believe it! I can’t wait to see your Rowan book…the sweater is really pretty. I have the yarn to do a Rowan sweater which is also on #3’s…it will be a long term project, for sure!

  2. Hi Dana – what a cool blog! – I’ll definitely be adding you to my bloglines. Thanks for visiting mine!

    Like Lynne, I’m jealous of your NYC trip – I’ve been there once (before I was a knitter) and am determined to go back! I love being a tourist!!

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