The Triple Threat

Okay- I can say that I officially exercised to the max yesterday. First off, I biked to the gym, with my size GINORMO bag that used to be my soccer bag as a kid. Try biking with another 35 punds on your back.

I arrived at the gym BEFORE it opened at 6 am. I don’t remember that happenning very often. I then RAN 4 miles on the treadmill, stretched and did situps, etc. I showered at the gym, did the makeup, put on a NEW gym-like outfit and BIKED another .65 miles to the office.

Once at the office, I dried my hair in the bathroom, changed, and spritzed on a lil body splash. I did it! I biked to work! And the gym! And I had an extra half-hour.

Then after a long day at work, I hopped in my coworker’s awesome solara convertible (she gets to drive fun cars all the time- her husband owns a dealership) and we went to a pilates class for an hour (The bike would not fit in her car and Pilates was 5.5 miles away). My wonderful hubby came to the pilates studio with Mercy baby and brought me back to the office to get the bike.

We decided that the bike would not fit into our car without the possibility of falling out of the trunk into traffic sooooo….. dear hubby rode the bike the 2.3 miles home with Mercy running alongside/ in front of him. Apparently he will never do this again, I am told, as the puppy kept zigzagging causing chaos. Mercy- cause chaos? Nooo……

Speaking of the puppy…. does anyone’s dog do this with their toys? Note the stuffing strewn nall over the room… Sometimes I will walk into a room and see “snow” everywhere- the stuffing of a toy. Aww Mercy, you’re a mischevious dog but we love you! Can’t wait for the dog trainer to help us with your walking outside issues!


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