Two squares down, Two million to go

I finished square #2 for the office/guest room afghan. And I feel as though I may never finish. Not to mention that I have found other yarn that I think I like better! Oh dear- to press on with the current yarn or to switch to a new one and new color scheme….. Hmmmm. THAT IS THE QUESTION!

Project Colorswap is gearing up for the month of June, and I couldn’t be more excited. I had such a fun time putting together and receiving a May package! Now it’s my FAVORITE color! BLUE! So many of my favorite things are blue- my hubby’s eyes, my eyes, the sky, ocean, my old bedroom growing up, our bedroom now, half of our sheet sets, bluebirds, blue bells… At one point in my life most of my wardrobe was blue. It happens to be one of my colors. I think that anyone with blue eyes tends to favor the way a blue shirt just makes your eyes vibrant. If I had more time to knit and could knit faster, I would knit myself a blue sweater. For now, I aspire to make 2 sweaters, the josephine and the rose sweater from the Rowan book (see previous posts). Then maybe an hourglass type sweater in blue. Andean silk blue. MMMMM.

To date, I have the following projects on the needles:

Meg Swanson Shawl- 70% done
Keith’s socks…… ummm what does one cuff equate to? 15%?
Green cabled purse

Wow, that’s it! I think I need to do some strategy for my afghan and perhaps cast another square on tonight.


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