A little bit of everything.

It’s been a while, hasn’t it! Like a week! Well, that’s what being semi- responsible will get ya! Although the laundry is not done….
I didn’t share our Memorial Day Parade pictures. We live in this awesome little village and there has been a parade every year for the past 150 years I think. The “Rough and Ready” Fire department celebrated its 150th anniversary. So here’s the Celtic Band, complete with bagpipes and men in skirts…

And here’s Keith and Mercy in front of our Municipal Building.

We also worked on our office/ guest room. We took our old couch out and gave it to my dad. But guess who we found hiding in between the pillows!!!

She’s a cutie, I know, but we have been having some behavior issues. Barking for attention. CONSTANTLY. Which she usually gets because her bark is PAINFULLY SHRILL and makes my brain hurt. But we met with an awesome dog trainer and the plan for the next week is to completely ignore the barking and see if it decreases by the weekend. Apparently it will get worse before it gets better. So I’m wearing earplugs. As we speak. We also have some walking issues and we need to work on down stays outside to gain her attention in areas of high distractionn before we can actually walk. Exercise for the meantime is running around a field or park on a 50 to 100 ft. rope. Let me tell you that the entire world is laughing at me when I strut over to the park with my six pound dog and she goes running around on a 50 ft blaze orange hunting rope. I will keep y’all posted on her progress. Today we went to a wildlife sanctuary type place. I found a slug on her knee when we got home. I don’t think we will be going back THERE!

Two and a half squares. Notice that the blue square, although I followed the directions and have the right amount of stitches, is remarkably thinner than the upper brown one. Oh dear. I think this may be a pillow and not an afghan. We shall see.

FINALLY, I decided to join a group called TEAM IN TRAINING . It’s an endurance sport training program that fundraises for leukemia and lymphoma research. I signed up to run the Nike Women’s marathon and need to raise $4,000 to go. 75% of every dollar goes to the mission of finding a cure for blood cancers. I am really excited and nervous about this! I know that God has placed this on my heart, not only to train for a marathon, but to make a difference in someone’s life who has been affected by blood cancer. Training starts Sunday on my own and then we have weekly long runs with the team. I will be using my blog to track my progress. I will also have a team in training fundraising site that I hope will help raise the dollars! Stay tuned for more on this.

Off to get ready for bed and pack for the gym! Training Training Training!!!


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