Team in Training Progress

The training has begun! I successfully completed Day 2- which was comprised of a measly 2.5 miles (I ran 2.6 in 25:18, whoa slowpoke). One of these days I will hopefully figure out how to make a calendar on my blog to track my progress.

By the way…. please visit my fundraising site!
I don’t have any pictures up yet because, well, I don’t exactly like the way I look right now. Bout 30 pounds too many. But one of these day, my hubby will snap a pic and I will be ok with it. But PLEASE, consider donating to the leukemia and lymphoma society and tell your friends! My goal is to raise at least $4,000 (I need that much to be eligible to run the marathon) but in my head, I’d like to double that!

On the knitting front… I ran out of yarn for my brown textured check square, leaving me in a predicament- do I buy more yarn or just bag the project? I did knit a couple of rows on my shawl- the goal is to have it completed & blocked in time for a two wedding weekend in August. I am sure I can make it. I have a month and a half.

Amanda, your colorswap package is on the way!!!! And there’s a little treat for Miss Zoey from Miss Mercy. Woof. Woof!


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