My tiny training partner

Here she is! All tired from our run. I love that she is calm and restful after we get back… but then she gets her second wind and thinks it is time to play while I did pilates…

We ran 2 miles yesterday… in great time!!! 19:20 , but when you subtract out the thirty seconds at the traffic light, about ten or so when I dropped the leash, another 20 for pooper patrol, etc, etc, you end up with about 18 min… which equates to nine minute miles. One of the reasons why I love running with Mercy is that she makes me go fast on days that I can and she makes me go slow on those days when I just need a slow even jog. I did a pilates video when I got home, but still, nothing compares to my Thursday and Saturday classes I attend at the GYM.

I knit three rows and had to rip one back, which took me FOREVER! Lace is one of those htings where I need complete silence when partially frogging… I am getting closer to my goal of completing the shawl before purchasing yarn for my Rowan-knit-on-toothpick-needles-sweater. The yarn I am looking at the the merino knitpicks dye-your-own fingering weight. If I could decide on a color, I’d go with Koigu, but then my clothing budget would be compromised…


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