Four Weeks Down, Fourteen to Go!

BEHOLD…. my new shoes! We picked up the running sneakers last weekend at Fleet Feet and the spinning shoes were purchased at this awesome bike shop, Handlebars. Let me tell you, to those of y’all who have tried spinning without spin shoes that clip onto the pedals- you don’t know what you are missing. I felt like I could push the pedals with twice as much power and efficiency- plus you use your hamstrings alot more pulling up.

Yesterday was the 7 miler w/ hills. OUCH! As I was trekking up the last hill with a half mile to go the song that was playing on my MP3 player was “Help is on the Way”! I was trying to sing along to it asking the Lord for help to finish this run! AND HE did help me finish! Thank you Jesus. The hills were steep! Next week’s long run is 8 miles.

I will be starting the edging of my shawl this week- I am meeting up with Lynne Wednesday and she is going to show me! I can’t wait to finish it- I just need an outfit to wear it with. I was thinking along the lines of the simple black dress… I think I have 4 of those!

Well, Im off to prep for the week! Have a good night.


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