Yes, the little Mercy went to the groomers today, while I went to get MY hair done! She is beautiful and after a day of playing with other dogs, being bathed, trimmed, dried, and put up in a pretty lil bow she was kind of tired.

So I let her take a nice little nap, while I readied the house for my in-laws, whose plane we are waiting to arrive, then Mercy and I ran 4 miles. The fastest four miles ever. And up two hills to boot! WOOO HOOO Marathon here I come!!!!!

While I was being pampered today at the hair salon I was able to do THIS:

Yes, my friends. Behold… Sizzle. Well, almost a third of the back of sizzle, so that would be like almost 1/3 of half, so that would be 1/6th of Sizzle. I think. I already used one whole skein of yarn. Woo hoo there is hope for this one!

And the progress on the edging of my lace project!

I missed my deadline on this one… but it was too difficult for me with all the projects we’ve had going on.

Looks like I am close to the finish line!!!!!!!!!!!!


One response to “115526290003571711

  1. Nice sizzle & lace!

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