August Colorswap has arrived!!!

Look at what arrived today!!!

My August Colorswap Package!!!

Inside this lovely package from Juli was an amazing array of yarn!!! She sent me three skeins of Lambs Pride in a yummy charcoal color- just perfect for a fall neutral felted bag I think. Awesome! I received skeins of Fortissima colori socka color- some pretty funky sock yarn that makes me want to cast on for a pair of socks ASAP! (I just need a pattern). Then I got Peaches & creme cotton- straight from the mill! I can’t believe how I’ve been blessed! Thank you Juli! You have increased my stash! And my desire to make socks!!!

Juli also sent me some wonderful teas and coffee- mmmm my favorite! I just can’t start the day without my coffee! A pair of cute coffee & cookie hand towels for the kitchen, some recipe cards, and a wonderful smelling candle & votive holder rounded out the incredible package.

Thank you Juli! I can’t believe the wonderful things you have sent! I hope that you enjoy your package!!!


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