We took my brother to college last weekend. And we thought we lost our camera, but we found it today! It took us nine hours to drive to DC in my mother’s Mercury Sable.

Doesn’t my mom look happy all scrunched up in the back seat?

Mike sure was excited.

The car was packed to the absolute max. I can’t believe how much stuff my brother took with him. AND he shipped 5 boxes down there!!!!!!!!! My mom & I were in the back seat, with luggage piled up in between us. We could hardly see each other. Her feet were propped up on a box and she kept getting leg cramps from it, so we’d have to stop periodically so she could walk around.

Tropical Strom Ernesto was right in our path to DC. Thankfully my hubby drove and stays very calm during even the wildest of situations!

We saw the monuments in DC at night and we had the greatest dinner at the Wharf. See the size of those shrimp?

I had never seen the White House before. I wish I could have gone inside, I bet it’s breathtaking!

And of course, I got a little knitting in- while we were driving. I finished the back of Sizzle and started on the front. I’ve got to step on the gas on this one- it’s starting to feel like fall!!!!!!

Mercy is lounging around, lightly sleeping. I think she is wondering when I will be knitting her a new sweater!

Fall projects? Hmmm. I don’t know where to begin! Any ideas?


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