One month, one week and three days!

I can’t believe that the marathon is in ONE-MONTH-ONE-WEEK-AND-THREE-DAYS !!! It seems unbelievable!!! I have come so far, from only being able to run 3 or four miles at a time to crank out 10, 12, 14….. no problem. This weekend is a big step. 18 miles. LORD help me!

Thankfully, my coaches turned me onto CLIFSHOTS, which are these glucose energy replacement things that you take after 1 hr of excercise. They really make a difference! So 18 miles equates to 3-4 clifshots. Whoa!

I ran with the little Mercy today, just 5 miles, and home just in the knick of time before the heavens opened up and rain came pouring down.

Sadly, I came home to a culinary disaster. I had placed a top round roast in my crockpot, threw in a can of cream of mushroom soup, some mushrooms, and let ‘er simmer all day long.

The mushrooms burned. The whole house smelled awful. I tried to doctor is up by removing the beef from the mushroom muck and creating a shredded beef a-la-Sue-Bee-Honey-BBQ sauce. I’m sure my hubby will like it. He always like my culinary disasters.

I think the most devastating culinary disasters, for me anyway, are those of the crockpot method. About two years ago, right after Keith & I got married, I had a culinary crockpot catastrophe.

I had a recipe for New England Clam chowder. I was SO excited. I followed the directions and let it simmer all day. Then, after I got home, I was supposed to add the evaporated milk & the potatoes for the last half hour of cooking.

As I was pouring the evaporated milk into the pot, ontop of the carefully diced potatoes, I noticed that the milk was thicker than I had remembered it. Oh well, I just kept stirring. Then I looked at the can. It was SWEETENED CONDENSED MILK, not evaporated milk. YUCK! The whole soup tasted sweet. Gross! I was so upset. I couldn’t believe it! I had been looking forward to serving this to my husband all day. And it was ruined.

Of course I fell into a sobbing heap on the floor. I was a newlywed after all! I cried when I broke my first mug that we had from our wedding, too!

My husband ran to my rescue, insisting that it tasted fine. That it tasted great. He scooped himself two bowlfuls and ate it. I refused to eat the tainted chowder. But my husband made me feel so much better.

A few weeks later, when I tried again and conquered the recipe, as we were sitting at the table, my husband smiled at me and said, “mmm it’s good but I think it could use some sugar.” How cute.

So I’m hoping for that same cuteness tonight, that BBQ shredded beef is good too!


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