Mercy and I went running today. Short run- 4 miles. The big one is coming soon. Saturday. 18. miles. Long Long way. I don’t even drive 18 miles in a day!!!

The Yarn store was open!!!! Hooray! Here are two of the things I
picked up:

Addi turbos size 3 (smallest size I have ever used) and Debbie Bliss Cashmerino in PINK! I don’t even know what I am going to make with it- but it’s pink! And it was 30% off! And I have heard so much about Debbie Bliss!

The rest of the items I purchased at my LYS… I’ll have to keep a secret- they are for my colorswap pal Dyann

I think her package will be all wrapped up this weekend and in the mail Monday.

The addi’s are for the baby sweater that I just ordered yarn for yesterday (see picture from yesterdays post). Dale of Norway Stork. Wow, I am getting yarn culture!

Speaking of culture, watch this lesson in Martha’s Vineyard culture

And don’t for get to RSVP! LOL!!!


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