18 miles down, 26.3 to go

I ran my 18 miles on Saturday in 3.5 hours. It hurt. Really bad. I felt like my legs were going to literally break and I would have to crawl back to my car. But I did it! I ran the whole thing.

I was praying the whole time too, with a whole lot of that prayer devoted to asking the Lord to make my knees numb so it wouldn’t hurt so bad!

The last 2-3 miles I becam aware of an intense hunger I had. I had probably burned 600 calories an hour, and at 3 hours into the thing, I had burned 1800 calories, which is equivalent to a day’s intake. So I was fantisizing about food. I was SO hungry. All I could think about was where and what I was going to eat when I got home. Unbelievable.

This Saturday is a short run- 12 miles. Next Saturday is my 20 miler. I am so amazed at what the human body can do. Its incredible.


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