Packages in the mail make me smile!!!

Isn’t it the greatest feeling to come home after a long day and find that there is a package on your front stoop?

My Stork harn arrived last Monday after such a day. And yes, there is a thermometer in the background. I didn’t feel well at all! But I was able to sit on the couch and cast on for the baby matinee coat.

Then Friday, after a confusion and stressful filled two days of coordinating transportation for my father to get his cancer treatment and all the extras involved in medical care, I came home to find that my dear Colorswap partner, Dyann, had sent her gift at just the right time to pick me up! Funny how that happens, huh?

So, in this package of wonderful pink and red-ness was three hanks of luch Berooco Softwist, a hank of Cascade Sierra cotton/wool blend- I can’t believe how soft these are! Dyann, you really know your fiber!

Then you will see some beautiful paper in different shades of pink and mulberry paper too! A candle, a felted cup and saucer… hand made earring and a handmade mug.

You can even see her signature on the bottom or the mug. Wow! I have never been given such a beautiful mug! And the earrings… I went to work on Friday with a pink sweater on and as I was perusing my jewelry, I thought to myself that I didn’t have any pink earrings and that i’d like some. And Viola! They appeared!

Thank you Dyann!


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