Paws in the Park

While I ran my 20 mile training run, Keith and Mercy were in a race of their own! Paws in the Park!

Here they are taking off at the starting line!

And in the homestretch… it looks like Keith and Mercy are in the lead! No other dog in sight! (Why people ran the race without a dog I ‘m not sure…)


They were interviewed and everything. I am such a proud wife an mama. Our little yorkie and my husband was the fastest team out there! I think they might go on the man-dog race circuit- if such a thing exists!

And here is the rest of our team- Jimmy Paws II. I showed up after the race was over, after my training run. But Keith Mercy and I ended up walking the course again with the rest of our team. Its was a great day.

My 20.4, don’t forget the .4, run was not as hard as the 18 miler two weeks ago. Maybe I wasn’t as sore because I walked around for a while at the park, maybe I am just getting in shape. Either way, I feel awesome and relieved that 20 miles didn’t cause me much pain.


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