We had a wicked snowstorm. Over 24 inches!!! Downed powerlines, state of emergency in Buffalo and all surrounding suburbs, driving ban, the works.

Here’s a video :

Check out some of these photos:

Thursday, 10/12/06 8:30 pm

We then received a call from our friend Pauline, who was stranded and without power amidst worst damage in the town next to us. Her husband was out of town so we drove and rescued her. It was a scary drive over there, we had to drive around enormous tree limbs, abandoned cars, and at one point we barely made it under a drooping power line.

10/13/06 early morning. Look at the criss crossed power lines!

Keith went out to help the folks at the apartment complex next door remove debris.

This is our back porch today!

We have power, but over 300,000 people do not. Nobody is allowed to go anywhere, everything is closed. There is a restriction on water usage- essentials only, no dishwasher, washing machine, etc.

But we are making the best of it! Maybe I’ll work on some knitting :). And cleaning. And praying. We are so thankful that we were home and ok!


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