Getting ready for the marathon!!!

I am getting ready for the marathon.

The cheering stations have been identified and dear hubby is working on coordinating that.

I am compiling a list of photos I want to take/ have taken to document this momentous occasion.

The bags are almost all packed with the exception of a few items- mostly gel/ liquid items that I am not quite sure what to do with. We are only going to be gone for 4 days and I definitely cannot afford to lose my luggage so I was planning on just carrying stuff on the airplane. BUT the no liquid ban could pose a problem, especially with the energy shots that I am planning to take with me.

In 30 hours we will be on our way to the airport to meet the team. Our plane departs in approximately 33 hours. I am so excited! And so nervous! I can’t believe I am actually doing this.

I’ve trained for this. Almost 5 months I have been training. I’ve lost 12 pounds and hope to continue that trend after the marathon. I’ve raised money for cancer research. I have gone farther than I ever thought I could go and I am about to stretch my limits, mentally, physically, and spiritually. I can do it! I can do it! I can do it!

I hope to finish this sock and it’s partner on the trip too! I started these socks for me, but it looks like they may be too big so I may give them to my hubby instead. Mercy thinks they are too big as well!

Well, I’m off to finish packing and packing Mercy’s stuff for the weekend at Grandma’s.


One response to “Getting ready for the marathon!!!

  1. I”m so proud of you!!!!

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