The yarn has been bought…

Yes, the yarn has been bought. After my last post, my friend and knitting mentor, Lynne, totally encouraged me to knit these wild knee socks and offered to knit a pair along with me! So, after some coordination we decided to split the yarn, hence defraying the cost a bit. PLUS Lynne found a great seller on ebay who had the yarn- UnRaveled Yarn. Check her out. The shipping is VERY reasonable and the prices are great too.

Now I am racing home every day to see if the yarn is here yet… And one of the many things that is great about knitting with Lynne, in addition to the fact that she is an incredibles source of wisdom for all things crafty, is that I think it will be very difficult for me to mess these up!

I frogged my sock. My way-too-big sock. I aim to start again sometime… I just need some motivation and to make some UFO’s FO’s.

On the running front, I have had some highs and lows this week. I wanted to run 10 miles on Monday after work, but again, too dark & scary. Plus a woman was murdered on a bike path two months ago.. so I have a little more reason to be scared. So I hop on the treadmill and the thing wouldn’t let me run 10 miles! Only 8. Which was ok, I just picked up my pace. I felt HORRIBLY sick after I got home though… exhausted, dehydrated, hungry, sick to my stomach… Clearly I did not replace electrolytes. Bad Dana. BUT I did run under 9:45 minute pace for 8 miles and complete a trekking class during that time. So it’s ok.

The Turkey Trot is one week from today! I hope to get one more hard workout in and then taper a bit. Then run the race and come home & eat a whole lotta stuffing. And knit by the fire. mmmmm.


5 responses to “The yarn has been bought…

  1. I’m so looking forward to Thanksgiving (but I’m not running like you are!).

    I’m glad you’re being safe and careful when you run.

    Have fun with those socks!

  2. Fun so you’re the one partnering up with Lynne! I read about it on her blog this morning. I’m sure she’ll make a magnificent knitting partner — enjoy!

  3. Those socks are seriously cute!!! And I envy you getting to knit with Lynne. She is so wonderful, and I haven’t even ever met her!

    What bike path was it? I did the Linda Yalem Memorial run, back when I lived in buffalo….And then there was a new path that I used to run with one of my army buddies. We wouldn’t run alone ever….

  4. You must be so excited to start your new socks! You are going to have great fun with Lynne. I wish I could join you both.

    It’s so hard to train sometimes as a woman…my husband keeps encouraging me to take my bike out during the day, but I heard that story about the woman on the bike path, and I won’t go by myself. I’m glad you have the treadmill as an option.

    Thank you for your email; I’ll try to reply soon!

  5. Beautiful yarn! Thanks for the link to the seller. I’m definitely going to check her out.

    I’m so sorry to hear that you can’t safely run on the bike path you enjoy. I hope that they catch the man soon. Meanwhile, be safe and God Bless.

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