This sicko is back.

DNA proves bike path killer is back

This man is known to have attacked 10 women over the past 20 years in MY CITY. He killed three of them. The last one, Joan Diver he killed on the anniversary of his first murder, college student Linda Yalem. SICK.

He attacks them from behind and strangles them with a rope or cord. Tapes their eyes, nose and mouth. Rapes them, and leaves them for dead. Why on earth would somebody do this?

I am a runner. I was supposed to go running on the bike path this morning. I was going to meet the Team in Training folks and run 10 miles. I would be running with other people, but sometimes I would be by myself if there wasn’t somebody there that was my pace. But with this breaking news over the past few days, that the murder of Joan Diver just two months ago was NOT an isolated incident, that it was this twisted man… I stayed home.

It’s frustrating. This is supposed to be a safe place to live. I love to run out on the path. It is so beautiful there. Nice surface, nice views, miles marked to keep track of you pace, etc. I feel like I am in jail. The police are warning women not to run alone, in the dark, on paths or shortcuts. There have been more attacks that have not been reported to the news. I know- the policeman who patrols the path warns us. He told us of the specific mile markers to be aware of.

I am going to run this afternoon down busy Main Street on the hard concrete that kills my shins, with my dog, a cell phone, and maybe my swiss army knife. I wish I had pepper spray. I think I want to take Karate. Like, learn how to kill your attacker in 90 ways with a toothpick type karate.

Living in fear is not fun. This guy has got to be caught.


6 responses to “ANGRY. SCARED. FRUSTRATED.

  1. I understand your fear and frustration. And I’m so glad you are being careful, even though it’s an inconvenience. This summer a friend of mine was killed on a bike path as she biked alone. Now I’m even more cautious than I was before.

  2. Oh, how horrible. Please be safe!

  3. Is there a way you could all organize a bus or a van or meet at a town hall, YMCA? This sounds truly awful and scary so close to you! Yes, be safe!

  4. That is so scary. I never knew that Linda Yalem’s murder was linked with any others. I preay that this horrible man gets caught. He has hurt so many people.

    BE SAFE!

  5. I am glad you are taking the careful route. So many women disregard this sort of thing, thinking that it won’t happen to them. But the newspapers are full of stories, and we can’t be too careful.

    It’s sad that we are limited in our freedom as women, not because we *can’t* go places, but because it just isn’t safe to do so. Do you know of any running partners you could go with from the training group? I hope our local bike shop starts organizing rides in the spring because I’m not going out by myself either. I’m so sorry to hear this news.

  6. Oh No… I am so sorry to hear that this is happening so close to where you live. I can certainly understand why you feel angry and frustrated. I hope they catch that awful man and lock him up forever!

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