Back to my regularly scheduled Blog…

Thankfully, a new book came to my rescue Saturday when I was feeling quite upset about the bike path dangers.

“Found” by Karen Kingsbury.

I read it in about a day. Typical for Karen Kingsbury books. I picked it up at the store Saturday afternoon and had it finished before church on Sunday! I absolutely ADORE Karen Kingsbury.

I started reading the Redemption Series, a five book series that follows the lives of 5 children, last summer and have been hooked ever since. What I love about her books is that they tell stories of people that are faced with real temptation, with real trials- sometimes they make the right decisions and sometimes they don’t. But, despite what choices they make, God forgives and is the only one able to piece their lives back together. I would HIGHLY recommend her books! A great Thanksgiving read!

I also did some swapping shopping. 🙂 Always a joy to do that.

Check out these Napoleon Dynamite socks I found! It was meant to be- I was strolling through the store to pick up a catalogorder and passed the sock section. This pack was the only one like it. YEEEESSSSSSS! SWEEEEET!!! They are for my cousin… Hope she doesn’t read this!

In knitting news… I heard from a little birdie that the yarn she ordered for the wild thing knee socks arrived today. According to my calculations, as I ordered one day later than she, mine should arrive tomorrow! I’m still pluggin’ along on my cabled sweater… I hope to finish the front this long weekend.

So… what are your Thanksgiving project plans?


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  1. That book sounds really good. I have yet to read any of Karen Kingsburys work. Guess you’ve just added more to my list! Those socks are hysterical. My daughter would die for them. Too funny!!

  2. Well, I just finished a secret gift project, so I think I’ll start a shawl for my Thanksgiving knitting. I printed off Forest Canopy and have just the yarn.

  3. The stories sound really good. I will have to look them up. I love those socks too–my husband loves Napoleon Dynamite. Especially, because his first name is Pedro and his last name is Sanchez heehee…. Its a good thing he goes by his middle name: Ricardo:)

    I did get him that Tshirt: Vote for Pedro!

  4. I finished When God Weeps last night. A very tough, but very good read. I finished my knitting mystery too, (will post about these books soon), so I’m going to concentrate on finishing more of the CPH sweater if I can, and maybe assembling the Christmas tree.

    I don’t know about Napoleon Dynamite (didn’t see it) — it sounds like a lot of people like the movie though!

    Happy Thanksgiving!!

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