tangled lights

So the tree is up, but I am now faced with this chaos. And it’s been sitting on our floor for four days now.

Now matter how careful you are when storing Christmas lights, they always end up like this eleven months later.

I am happy to say that I am now on sleeve island for my cabled sweater project. It took half a dozen attempts to get the right gauge again and to get two sleeves going at the same time, but I am on the island. And I will not be voted off until I complete my mission! I finished the ribbing last night.

I cast on for my wild knee socks… and discovered after 1.65 rounds that my aluminum dpns just aren’t going to cut it. So off to the LYS store I hope to go tonight. šŸ™‚


6 responses to “tangled lights

  1. Eeep the Christmas nightmare crept up early in the form of tanglies? ;o) Good luck on the knee socks too!

  2. I highly recommend separate ziplock freezer bags for each strand. The strings still get tangled, but at least not with each other.

    Congratulations on sleeve island! Hope your stay there is short!!

  3. Maybe this will help…I cut long pieces of cardboard and put a notch in each long end. Then when the lights are done each year, I wind them around the cardboard (in the notched part) and secure the ends. The next year I usually can just unwind them. Good luck!

  4. Dana…you think the lights are a mess? Wait till you start working with those three different color yarns at one time!

  5. I agree with Lynne! those socks look like more of a challenge than I could handle… but then again you did just finish a marathon! and congrats on sleeve island!

  6. Have you tried putting each string of lights in its own paper lunchbag? That’s always been my dad’s method…

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