Fair Isle HELP!

Somebody please tell me, am I doing this right? The carrying the yarn thing… is it supposed to look like this in the back? I think the front looks ok…


5 responses to “Fair Isle HELP!

  1. I haven’t done fair isle with more than 2 colors, but mine looked similar to that….and the front looks really nice!

  2. It looks perfect! Sorry I didn’t get back to you yesterday, Dana…we were at the Chapel late doing the decorating! Noonish at Maria’s tomorrow???

  3. It looks as if you are twisting the yarns when you change them. This is a version of Fair Isle that Philosopher’s Wool does. While not wrong, this method produces a very dense, thick fabric.
    Dale Fair Isles are generally stranded without twisting the strands. You hold one strand above the other and do not change the placement of the strands as you knit. Look at the wrong side of the fabric on the Nordic sweater I linked to in my post today. You will see long floats of yarn. There is a wonderful book, not expensive, but very thorough, on colorwork by Nanette B. http://home.earthlink.net/~nanetteblanchard/id6.html
    She shows many different methods of stranding the yarn. My hands are in the book, showing my right one-handed way of knitting with 2 colors.
    Good luck with your stranding and thanks for stopping by the blog.

  4. Looks right to me! So long as there aren’t long floats where you could catch a finger, it’s fine….

  5. It looks very nice to me! I’m no FI pro. I have only done one teeny two-color hat. But Chris seems to have a good idea.

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