It’s a Bird…. It’s a Plane…. It’s a Hat?

It’s a man’s hat! No, it’s Mercy’s hat!

Wait, I know – a camoflague yamaka! One must keep kosher on the hunt, you know. (to all my Jewish friends, please don’t take offense!)

We sure had a good laugh about this one last night. I simply could not control my laughter. Hysterics. A camo yamaka. That’s what it looks like! We need to find a very small headed hunter, maybe a child, to give this to.

So it’s back to the drawing board for knitting the hubby something. And I will knit on circulars ad check size/ try on often!!!


6 responses to “It’s a Bird…. It’s a Plane…. It’s a Hat?

  1. That may become one of the stories your remember forever. Like “Remember the time you knit me ….” 🙂

  2. It’s fun to laugh at your projects…I wish I could have that sense of humor!

  3. Too funny! My first crocheted hat came out the size of a large basket, so I can definately relate to your moment of hilarity…

  4. It is great to have a good sense of humor about these sort of issues with your projects. A very funny post! The colors of the hat are great and I think it would be perfect on a child!

  5. very funny! it’s a cute hat anyway!

  6. I got such a kick out of your post 🙂 Funny stuff, now I have Adam Sandler whizzing through my head….”put on your yamaka…” Thanks for posting on my blog, I noticed that you and I have similar industries that we work in as well as sharing in the Fall Cable KAL

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