Some FO’s and UFO’s

BEHOLD… the ballerina slipper. Thanks Marisol for the pattern!

Eww I have fat ankles. And ghastly white. You’d never know I work out, huh?

Mercy has nice skinny ankles. She seems to like her grandma’s birthday gift too!

I used Lambs Pride worsted in Deep Charcoal.
It took me about a week. (amongst various other projects!)
The combination of the wool and mohair makes a really neat fleck in the yarn that I truly enjoy. But alas, these will be gifted to my mother dearest this weekend for her umm… 39th birthday… same age for the past fifteen years- you know the drill!

I have had a setback on sleeve island. Looks as though I may be here longer that I thought. Somehow I missed a stitch or row or something that would cause this gaping hole. I continued knitting on for several inches. Time to frog.

Thankfully the other sleeve was not adversely affected.

This weekend we will be traveling to Syracuse NY for the day to visit with some family that is in town… so I hope to get some car knitting in and get the sleeves back on track to wear for Christmas. I can do it. I can do it. I can do it.

I also got THIS surprise in the mail… well not really a surprise… I ordered it…

Karen Kingsbury’s fourth book in the Firstborn series “Family.” Her books are awesome and a superfast read! The stories are so gripping that you will stay up until all hours of the night reading just one more chapter… and another… and another…. (I finished this one in 2 days )I highly recommend her books!

Sadly, I will have to wait until spring 07 at the earliest for the last book of this series.

A piece of sad news… it appears as though my dear hubby may be ALLERGIC TO WOOL!?!?!?! How can this be? The fiber that I have come to love is the very same item that makes him sneeze and have hayfever like symptoms? Nothing I have knit him has made him sneeze… but then again, I haven’t actually finished knitting him anything in wool. A woolease by Lion Brand scarf many moons ago… the camo yamaka was acrylic… Basically when he wears store bought wool sweaters he feel sick with watery eyes, scratchy throat, sneezy, etc.

But I have been secretly doing all this research on how to design him the coolest snowboarding sweater. Clipping photos from magazines the whole nine yards. Now is it possible that I may have to knit such a masterpiece in acrylic?!?!

Is alpaca the same as wool? If he is allergic to wool, is he allergic to cashmere? Oh the sorrow!

Maybe I should buy a skein of every time of fiber and do an allergy test.


7 responses to “Some FO’s and UFO’s

  1. Besides the little hole, the cables look really nice. I hate frogging cables. I am always afraid I won’t end up on the right row. I am going to have to check out those books. They look really good and I could use a good read at this time.

  2. Sorry to hear about the sleeve problem. Your projects look great! (And so does Mercy!)

  3. I really wish I knew how to drop down to a stitch and fix a problem like that. I am not so advanced, but wouldn’t that be so much nicer than having to frog your hard work? Someday, someday….

    I was allergic to my angora bunnies- when I sheared them I had to wear a respirator mask. But a little angora in yarn doesn’t seem to bother me. And I think alpaca might be different enough…maybe the store bought sweaters just use a lower grade of wool than we do? I think testing different fibers out on him is a good idea. Another thing- I bought a great skein of yarn for Jenn’s square- and was suprosed to find when I got home that is was nylon and acrylic-it really does feel fantastic! ( it is called fantasy by Dark Horse Yarns).

    Mercy doesn’t try to eat the knitting? You are lucky!!!

  4. Very nice. I think your mom will be happy:)

  5. The Yarn Harlot has a very useful tutorial on how to fix a miss-crossed or otherwise messed up cable. I actually tried it on a project and it worked! The only piece of advice I would add is when you re-knit the problem area, use needles that are at least 3 sizes smaller. I used a size 1 needle on a project that was being done with a sz 6. And after it was fixed, you couldn’t tell I had done it with tiny needles! So try that before you frog the whole thing! if it doesn’t work, then you can frog …..

  6. “Mercy has skinny ankles” – LOL!

    Oh no….a husband who may be allergic to wool? How can this happen?

  7. Your Mom will love the slippers, if Mercy will give them up!

    I’m sure there are some wools that are less scratchy than others, and that with some experimenting you might find a good one. There is a book coming out by Amy Singer in the spring with non-wool alternative fibers, because I think she is also allergic to wool. There might be something in there to help you substitute.

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