My mom’s house sold… and she made us come and get all my junk that was left in my old room. I found loads of colored pencils and other random crafts over the past few weeks…

We packed up our friend’s truck and took her stuff to the intermediary home (my grandma’s) where she has been staying since gram came home from the hospital in August. Gram wasn’t able to live alone and has been terribly sad since my grandfather died. Thankfully, having my mom there seemed to help gram get better! Mom will be moving again in February, when she and her longtime BF marry.

We took my old bedroom set, which I will admit is somewhat dated, but it’s free, a five piece set, and it has some sentimental value to me. I figured that once we have children it would be a perfectly not-new-so-I-wont-be-upset-when-they-write-in-marker-all-over-it type of furniture. We also got my mom’s washer & dryer, which is much newer than ours. After Christmas we are going to hook them up. We will be the yuppies who have two washers and two dryers. We need one set per person, c’mon! I am excited about the double duty machines. We go through alot of laundry, mostly because of me and my gym clothes. I can’t imagine what will happen after we have little ones.

It was a long day.

On Sunday, we traveled to Syracuse and met up with my husband’s uncle & family. We had lunch/dinner at this great restaurant, Plainville Farms. Very family friendly, which was good because the cousins are 5 & 6.

We exchanged gifts and look at what Mercy got! A cat tunnel! She’s small enough for a cat tunnel- good news because the agility tunnels are a hundred bucks. Mercy promptly climbed inside her tunnel and layed down for a little nap. Now it’s her favorite place to hide. We can’t wait to get the connecting tunnels.

I did manage to get some knitting done. One more ballerina slipper for gram. Sadly, I think I have run out of yarn on the second. I hope that my LYS still carries this lovely alpaca.

One more fat ankle photo for your viewing pleasure.

The weekend would not be complete without a mad dash to the zoo, err, I mean post office. Two days in a row, and both were quite busy. Sunday at 9 pm and Monday at 11 pm. Of course, we will be there again tonight. One more gift to send. We hope.

Have a wonderful day everyone!


2 responses to “116652974451158008

  1. Wow! You’ve been busy! Merry Christmas!

  2. It must be very stressful to move this time of year. It sounds like you found some good things to take home with you, and your gram will have some good company.

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