sadly, grandma’s ballerina slipper will have to be frogged. Not enough yarn to complete the other foot. My LYS doesn’t carry the yarn anymore, but I purchased something comparable. The puple has a little fleck of pink in it and I figured that since I was doubling up on the yarn, I could just used the other yarn w/ it and it would be fine. I’m off to frog the slipper before I go to work this morning.

And of course there was a 50% off bin at my LYS! I picked up three hanks of this luscious alpaca- 100%. It’s going to be a “test-tube” scarf for my hubby to see if he is allergic to alpaca. The store owner thought that maybe he was allergic to lanolin, which was something used to creat wool or process it or something in machine made sweaters (like the ones he has from a store and not my knitting needles). So we will see. I wonder if I could whhip this up before his b-day next week. Hmmm.

And a few mercy pics for your viewing pleasure…

I think she wants to go somewhere in her carrier. Too bad Starbucks won’t let us come in there anymore.


6 responses to “116661569680590835

  1. Does he break out when wearing wool or clog up? If he breaks out it may just be a reaction to scratchy wool. If he clogs up it’s a reaction to mohair or angora, which have flyaway fuzzies. But wool is an animal hair, so he might just be allergic to it.

  2. Cute Mercy pictures!

    Sorry you have to frog the slippers. You may like them even better the new way!

  3. Love that new yarn! Oh and Mercy is super adorable—Totally glamorous pink bag:)

  4. I’m curious to see how your husband reacts to the angora. I sneeze and my eyes itch like a crazy woman when I knit with it.
    Love the Mercy pictures. She is just too cute!

  5. Sorry to hear about your grandma’s slippers. I love Mercy’s pink bag!

    I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!!!

  6. P.S. When is your husband’s birthday? Mine’s is 1/2!

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