Tagged by Beth

I have been tagged by Beth. So here goes 6 wierd things about me:

1) Oversleeping by 15 minutes will cause me to not go the the gym. Crazy I know, but if I don’t get my behind through those gym door right at 6 am… I feel like I am better off not going because I won’t get a “full” workout. My hubby thinks this is quite silly.

2) Seeing laundry, clean or dirty, OUT, can occasionally send me into a maniacal tail spin. It’s a good thing we moved the washer & dryer to the basement from our first floor bathroom.

3) An eigth to a quarter of an inch can sometimes determine my mood- when it is the amount of room or lack of room in the waistband of my favorite jeans. Currently, it’s a good mood. Let’s hope it stays that way through the next week of parties and overeating!!!

4) I used to take my fork and squish crumbs on my dessert plate to get that last bite… and never thought anything of it until I saw this “trait” of mine being described by my husband at my bridal shower. The bridesmaids made a video of my then-hubby-to-be and asked him all sorts of questions. I haven’t done this since.

5) I like a little coffee with my cream.

6) I have never completed a garment for myself!!!! They are all UFO’s- sizzle, my cabled sweater, a lace shawl… socks…


One response to “Tagged by Beth

  1. Doesn’t everybody get the last little bite by squishing it with their fork? I do. šŸ™‚

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