New beginnings…

My word, it is February 1st! An entire month of the new year has flown by and I am led to reflect a bit. This new month brings some new beginnings for me: new projects, new friends, new encouragement opportunities, and launching a new career.

I started this year off with a list of things to do and I have to say that I have followed through on quite a bit. I have been quite diligent in planning my day, week, etc., and although not everything on my list for January has been crossed off, I’m ok with that!

I have come to realize that I have taken far too much in my life for granted. When I was a kid, my mother’s house was always clean. The laundry was always done. The fridge was always stocked with food. Dinner was always on the table at 5:30.

Now adays I am very rarely home from work by 5:30.

and my thoughts about laundry are more in line with this plaque:

I know it’s a terrible attitude to have!!!

But seriously, I took for granted how tough it is to “keep the ship running.” It is tough for me- I guess I haven’t mastered the art that it seems like so many women have.

How DO they all look so thin, their houses so clean, and have a corner suite office & executive title and 6 figure salary? Is it an illusion that they have all these things along with great friendships, thriving marriage, and children that are well adjusted and happy? Are they aliens or am I the weird one?

Maybe it’s the media influence… making us all THINK that we can have it all…….

But for me, I’d take a happy husband and home anyday over a 70 hour workweek. Too bad the rest of the world looks down on that.

On that note… I am in the process of changing careers! Exciting, scary, and a whole lot of work. I am looking to move into the world of advertising & marketing and grow my skills. So far no takers but I am sure that I would make an excellent acount exec at an agency or in corporate communications.

Now… onto Project Spectrum!!!!

I have temporarily put the “design a sweater” on hold due to a catastrophic event involving the cabled sweater. After much thought, I have decided to embark upon a trusted and true pattern that many people have already done (so I can easily get tips from them:) ). The yarn I am using is this yummy Berrocco yarn that is 50% alpaca & 50% wool. I will be swatching tonight. Stay tuned, the “design a sweater” may come back, depending on how smoothly this one goes…

I have been feverishly working on these knee high socks. I finished the first leg, minus the embroidery, and cast on for the second. The actual sock section is done by picking up the stitches from the bottom cuff and working down to the toe. I haven’t totally decided whether or not to do the sock part. I have to figure out what to wear these with first. I was thinking as leg warmers they would be WICKED cool!

Well, I am off to start celebrating colors this month… blue in my sweater swatch tonight!


10 responses to “New beginnings…

  1. I am loving those leg warmer knee high whatever they turn out to be’s.

    Giving up the idea of having it all sometimes gives you all of something you never thought you wanted in the first place.

  2. I think Sarah’s thought on “having it all” is very profound. Sometimes we want what we think we don’t have when it turns out all that we need is right there in front of us the whole time. I do think that life was simpler then insofar as there just wasn’t so much running from here and there and everywhere. And yes, I do think a lot of it is due to the influence of media in our society today … but I’ll save my soapbox for another day! ;-p

    Is that the Ultra Alpaca? Isn’t it dreamy? I also love that blue. It’s very yummy looking. I can’t wait to see your Hourglass Sweater!

  3. Uhoh, what happened with the cabled sweater?

    “Doing it all” is definitely an illusion. I’ve recently decided that my life is busier than I want it to be and that I want to spend more time being a wife and mom. So, I told the school I won’t be teaching next year. I hope your new endeavor turns out very well for you!

  4. Good grief – those socks/legwarmers are fab! A work of art.

    I too would prefer the happy-home-type things than an 70 hour week at the office. Shudder……What’s it all about? Because I don’t know.

  5. Oh, it is definitely an illusion. You can’t have it all unless you are happy having only tiny pieces of things… some people are like that. I prefer having all of what I want… I want to spend lots of time with my husband and my son.
    I love your socks/leg warmers.
    Good luck on your new endeavors!

  6. I blame Martha Stewart.

  7. Who needs to do it all when you can knit socks like those??? Nicely done, Dana! I used to think I could have do everything…and trust me, it is an illusion. Somewhere, something begins to weaken and we cannot possibly maintain that routine. Relationships are more important.

  8. I really don’t see how you can have it all and *do* it all too. Not unless you are Wonderwoman anyway.
    Very cool socks to be!

  9. The blue you chose for Hourglass is so beautiful! I am also working with a periwinkle color like that right now for a lightweight tee and I think it is my new favorite color… so nice. Hourglass is a great sweater. I really can’t wait to see yours work up. Beautiful progress on the socks too – like all of Project Spectrum rolled into one pair of socks šŸ˜‰

    Happy Project Spectrum, Dana!

  10. Your blue yarn is beautiful, and I can’t wait to see the Hourglass sweater take shape (bad pun, sorry) . It looks like something I’d like to make someday too.

    On having it all: my mom was like your mom when I was growing up — dinner was always on the table at the same time every night, you could eat off her floors, and her laundry to this day is hung out on the clothesline to dry (time-consuming). I am fairly neat and fairly organized, but there are times when I look around our house and think, “oh, I don’t want my mom to see this!” (not that she would say anything, but you know what I mean!). However, I also distinctly remember hearing her say, when I was a teenager, how she didn’t have enough time for herself, to sew or crochet or do the things she loved. So having a Martha house comes at a cost of pursuing your hobbies and dreams.

    This is not an issue for some of my co-workers, who apparently have a high enough salary to hire a housekeeper. They work a long day, and when they go home, they have to buy take out, eat out, etc, because they’re too tired to cook or clean. So their perfect house also comes at a cost. Personally I’d rather work less hours and do my chores myself.

    I think balance is the key: I try to do what I can and not worry so much about the rest. I’d rather spend time with my husband or friends. And I think we are in good company. If you don’t mind my sharing, I remember hearing at a women’s luncheon the story of Martha and Mary. Martha was fussing that Mary was listening to Jesus’ teachings rather than helping her in the kitchen. Jesus said in reply, “Mary has chosen what is better.” Lk 10:42. It always makes me smile when I think of it!

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