Freezing here by the Great Lakes…

It is FREEZING outside. I mean FREEZING! It’s so cold that they closed the schools in the area.

Remember those snow days as a kid? It was such a blast to stay home from school, build snowmen, drink hot cocoa, and play outside. I remember how we used to pack the snow on the steps to the deck and sled down them. Sadly, those simple pleasures of snow days are long gone! Although we did have that a little bit last year, during the “October Suprise Storm!

This weekend we experienced some major snow. And of course, adventurous us ventured out during the thick of it Saturday morning.

This is what dedication looks like. Dear Hubby decided that he was going to train for a half marathon through Team in Training like I did last year (I ran the Nike Women’s Marathon- the whole thing!). So the very first team run happened to be at 7:30 in the morning this past Saturday. During extreme white-out conditions.

Us runners are a different breed, huh?

Good thing I am staying inside today- working on our painting project and my socks!


8 responses to “Freezing here by the Great Lakes…

  1. It does look a bit nippy. And here I was thinking it was cold here 😉

  2. Brrrr! Many of the schools in our area where closed yesterday, too, including ours. Today they had a two hour delay. Crazy cold! And yes, that’s dedication to be out running in these conditions. It’s certainly a dedication which I find inspiring!

  3. Brrr- that looks cold over there!

  4. Brrrr is right! Oh my goodness I can’t believe how cold it is out there… At least from the looks of it in those photos! Good to hear that your painting and knitting is keeping you company:)

  5. Wow, you runners have a dedication that I do not have! It’s pretty cold here in New England right now too, and I skipped my jog last night because I was too cold!

  6. Looks like knitting weather to me. Perhaps I shouldn’t tell you it got up to 70 here this afternoon…

  7. Those pictures are really pretty but, HOLY BUCKETS, that cold need to go away!

  8. Great photos!
    We have been cold up here all week too….-40 last night!
    But it has been sunny every day. That helps.

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