The houseguests are coming! The houseguests are coming!!!

My mom is getting remarried this weekend and her sister, who lives in balmy Florida, is flying in as a surprise (no worries mum knows zip about in the internet). My Aunt A and cousin Chazz will be staying with us, but once my brother gets into town, there may be some shuffling of houseguests. I am a bit worried that Aunt A and Chazz may freeze to death in this weather.

So, much of my crafting time has been redirected toward “Operation Houseguests.” Funny how having houseguests can motivate you to get those things done that have been projects that are long over due. We are painting our guest bathroom”Navajo Red” but the primer was a wee bit brighter than the actual Navajo Red paint. The primer was supposed to allow us to finish the job in one coat of primer and two coats of paint… but it looks like we need a third. ARGH!

Primer Paint

Little Miss Mercy has been displaced due to this project. The bathroom is generally where we keep her corralled during the day. It’s quite large and she stays nice and warm in there. It’s quiet, so she isn’t disturbed by blowing winds or the mailman, which could cause an anxious barking frenzy. Now her space has been invaded by drop cloths and smelly paint.

We don’t quite trust her to be “free range” in the house, mostly because we think she might jump up on the couch and hurt herself coming down. As I left for work, I asked my dear hubby to set Mercy up somewhere and I came home Monday to find Mercy here:

In our bedroom, in her crate, but with this little hut of pillows on the bed. I guess that is where she was in the morning when hubby left for work! Nice and warm.

I supppose it’s a good thing I have been busy at home, as I have run out of yarn for my socks and am anxiously awaiting more in the mail.

I’m afraid this little ball of yarn won’t do the trick to finish the calf. Not to worry, I have plenty of items in queue to work on once my family arrives and the feverish housework comes to a screeching halt. Then they will make fun of me for being an old knitting lady at the age of 24. Ha! The muggles.


12 responses to “The houseguests are coming! The houseguests are coming!!!

  1. Mercy looks so cozy in her little hut. Looks like a great place for her to camp out while you get her home back in order. I love that red- but dark colors do take a few coats. Hope it gets knocked out in time!

  2. I couldn’t find an email address for you so here I am. Thank you so much for you compliments on Eiffel! I really appreciate it. That is my first sweater and I am really happy with it.
    I really like the color you painted the bathroom. My main bathroom looks almost the same way. I painted it a pumpkin color and my husband didn’t exactly like it so he did a red glaze over it. We both think it looks like a sunset!
    Mercy is too cute in her little hut!

  3. I love red bathrooms – we have a red guest bathroom. I just shudder when I think of painting over the red someday! Yours looks fantastic!

  4. I know what you mean about house guests being great motivators. My house was the cleanest it has ever been over the holidays when we had company. Hubby and I joked that we needed to have guests more often so we could enjoy having a nice clean house. 🙂

  5. Awww … she looks cozy and warm and safe. 🙂

    I love the color of the bathroom! Very bold and lively. Nice! Have a lovely time at the wedding this weekend and with your guests. Sounds like it will be lots of fun.

  6. That is too cute…..she might decide that she likes it better up there than in the bathroom.

    We painted the ceiling in our guest bathroom a dark red. It took 5 or 6 coats! I love yours!

  7. Your bathroom looks great! I hope your yarn comes in soon.

  8. Wow! Love that bathroom color! I wanted to do our hallway in fuschia (waxed on somehow so the color was deep but transparent) and put up our skull collection (animals!), but dh said NO! So it’s a bright yellow instead. Good for a dark stairway. Mercy is SO cute in her little pillow hut! Mostly when guests come I have tried not to do the super clean repair repaint thing. But I do try to declutter in a big way, because more people means more clutter, theirs and ours because we’re spending time with them and not with cleaning. Yeah, cold out there! Not so cold here as you, but nobody would say warm (I think it’s been between 5 and 15 for days…not as cold as you!). And, did you see that Oswego NY got 5-8 FEET of snow? I miss that !

  9. Miss Mercy is so cute! Love the Navajo Red bathroom, bold and beautiful! Thanks for stopping by my site, I’ve added you now to my list on bloglines.

  10. Awww, what a cutie!!!!!!!!!! She’s adorable. I really love your color choice. Our second floor is painted bright red and I love it but I admit that it took about 5 coats of paint. 😦

  11. How adorable! She looks very comfy cozy there. 🙂

  12. Are those the knee high socks from Vogue? Not sure – I don’t have the magazine next to me… Cute puppy though!

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