wedding wrap-up

Here is my hubby and I after my mom’s wedding. The ceremony was held in a small church and was the perfect setting for the amount of people we had. I was the matron of honor and my stepbrother (now!) was the best man. My hubby played the part of photographer for the majority of the ceremony.

I had to temporarily loan my bouquet to the 3 year old flower girl in order to coax her to walk down the aisle. Prior to the flower switch it was clear that the poor little girl was on the verge of complete meltdown. Luckily I grabbed some crayons and got her comfortable with me. We were able to practice walking up and down the hallway just minutes before the ceremony, with my flowers in her hands. My mother was going to have a stroke as I started to walk down the aisle with the teeny tiny bouquet that was meant for the flower girl, but I figured it was probably more important to my mom to have her step-granddaughter be a part of the ceremony than which flowers I had!

We had a wonderful weekend, full of fun and family. My Aunt, cousin, and brother stayed in our tiny house for the weekend and little Miss Mercy was thrilled to have the company. We were busy every minute of every day since Thursday afternoon.

We’re exhausted now.

Tomorrow we’ll be back to my regularly scheduled blog.


13 responses to “wedding wrap-up

  1. You look absolutely beautiful! And it was so sweet of you to do the bouquet switch to make things easier for the flower girl. Now go get some rest!

  2. You look beautiful! – that sweet girl will always remember you as the one who was so sweet to her and let her hold your flowers :o)

  3. oops, did it again, for got to go from “Mommy” mode to “Lynda” mode!

  4. Wow you look Beautiful! I how wonderful for that little girl that she found a friend in you to lend her a helping hand:)

  5. What a beautiful picture!
    Thanks for you comment…..

  6. You look beautiful!
    Glad it was a great weekend 🙂

  7. You look so pretty! Love the dress.

  8. You look gorgeous! I’m glad the wedding went well and it was such a fun weekend.

  9. You both look awesome!

  10. Great picture! You look fantastic! I’m not sure if that’s your hubby? (If he’s playing photographer, and stepbrother is best man so you posed together.) I’m assuming hubby so, you look great together!

  11. You both look so good together! Glad to hear the wedding went well. You’ve been on my mind with the weather reports of all the snow you’re getting there. I hope the mailperson is able to get through with your sock yarn. 🙂

  12. That’s a terrific picture of the two of you and you look stunning! Do you have a picture with more of your dress? I’d love to see it. The color is so pretty. Get some rest now! 🙂

  13. What a lovely photo. I’m so glad to hear that you had a great time over the weekend with family. Congratulations to your Mom and your entire family!

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