Valentine Update

You can click on the photo to see each image on my Flickr Photostream.

We had a fun Valentine’s Day, albeit too short. My dear hubby had a grad school class at night, so we had a few hours together after he came home. He bought me a beautiful handmade paper journal that I have been eyeing for a few weeks now and gorgeous teapot (that is not very photogenic as of yet). The Hockey Night card doesn’t look like Valentine to most, but to DH the hockey fan, it’s a big deal! We will be going to an NHL game in two weeks.

I made the chocolate covered strawberries on Tuesday night- and imagine my surprise/ glee when Google used an image of a chocolate & white chocolate covered strawberry on their homepage!

I’ve been working on a few sewing projects lately and have really been pleased with my growing skill in reading a pattern and executing the design properly. I even made pleats for the first time on an apron from Amy Butler’s In Stiches book.

And here is the finished apron!

I’ve been exploring Flickr groups a bit more and have joined a few new groups: In Stiches Sew Along, In Stiches, Knits In Progress, Craft Work in Progress, and Stranded Colorwork, just to name a few. It’s a great way to get inspired and maybe even modify some patterns to work with stuff in your stash. I’m sure I will be looking for more groups- now if only I could figure out how to put that on my sidebar….

I’m off to the gym and this weekend I promise to update my Shape Up page.


8 responses to “Valentine Update

  1. Very nice stuff! Sounds like a good Valentine’s!

  2. Hi! Nice Valentines goodies and welcome to Flickr groups too ;o) Glad you liked our orchid pictures!

  3. What a great idea for the Hockey Night! Congratulations on your finished apron — it’s very lovely.

  4. Everything look so nice. I love your apron!

  5. Sounds like you both had an awesome V Day. Those chocolate covered straweberries look pretty delicious and the Apron is pretty nice too.

  6. The Valentine’s gifts all look incredible. The apron is very pretty.

  7. Sounds like you had a good day even though your DH went to class that night. The journal is pretty! You can never have too many blank books.

    The apron is also very pretty!

  8. Hey, good for you, Dana! The apron is lovely, but be careful, they can be addicting….

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