Shape Up

My Shape Up Page is now up and running, along with a few other online tools to help me in my fitness quest for 2007! I plan to update that page once a month to track my progress.

Where I’ve been…

My weight has fluctuated quite a bit since graduating from high school in 2000. While in school, I was very active in sports and played one or two sports at a time all year long. Two – four hours of exercise a day was not uncommon for me as I trained for various track and field events and played travel soccer. My weight ranged from 125-130 during that time and I ate whatever I wanted (and alot of it).

That changed once I went to college. I no longer played varsity sports and adapted a sedentary college lifestyle of late night studying, eating, and little exercise. My weight went up to 140, 150, back down to 130, up to 140 and remained at 140 for quite some time. I married my sweetie in 2004 and having homecooked meals, coupled with a job that had gourmet (and fattening) lunches nearly every day, and stress eating brought me to my peak weight of 164. I was terribly unhappy with myself.

I decided to lose it all and joined my local chapter of Team in Training, an endurance training group that raises money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. During the training I ran farther than I ever thought possible and gained a newfound amazement and respect for the human body.

I finished the Nike Women’s Marathon with a time of 5 hours and 9 minutes in October 2006. I continued my exercise regimen beyond the race and by December 27th 2006, I was down to 144 pounds (20 lbs. from my peak weight).

Sadly, I suffered a hip injury that is yet to be diagnosed (I have an MRI today) on December 27th at my gym that has left me unable to run without extreme pain or debilitation. For the past 2 months, I have been pretty sedentary as I haven’t been able to run or bike. I gained 5-6 pounds in this time and ot having that time to exercise has taken a toll on me mentally!

Where I’m at…

So I can’t run much (or at all if I listen to my doctors). I have only run a few times since the beginning of January, each with painful consequences! Supposedly I am not to bike or do the elliptical either, leaving little cardio to do!

I joined a different gym and it is about a 2/10’s of a mile walk from my front door.

Where I’m going…

I am meeting with a trainer on Wednesday, one of the new member freebies the gym gives you, and will hopefully know more about my hip to create a training regimen that will not further aggravate my injury, yet provide adequate calorie burnage.

I am also using some online tools to track my progress. You can see these, my goals, and a monthly update on my Shape Up Page.


5 responses to “Shape Up

  1. Dana, you are a beautiful person (inside and out) whatever you weigh. But, I understand not being happy with one’s weight or physical condition. Best wishes for your “shape up.” I hope you get some conclusive results from your MRI.

  2. Best of luck to you, Dana. I am on a fitness quest for this year, too, having no good reason for putting on weight last year other than I like to eat. My goal is 15-20 pounds by the end of summer, so this is certainly not insurmountable, by any stretch. I wish that I liked to run, but I just don’t do well with it. When I walk, however, I do “run” for a certain length – say, for example, from this stop sign to that light pole. I try to increase the distances each time.

    Anyway, I’m cheering you on!

  3. Good for you for the fitness quest. I don’t think you have to lose weight but if you feel better for doing so – more power to you! Will cheer you on!

  4. Dana, I didn’t realize that you had hurt your hip. It must be so difficult to want to exercise and be told at this point that you can’t. Is it a permanent injury or something that needs to heal? I’m surprised they said no cycling; that’s usually what runners will turn to when they are not allowed to run anymore as it is very gentle on the hips.

    You will be in my prayers for recovery and some definite suggestions from the doctors as to how to proceed.

  5. I hope your hip will be ok. I had a really debilitating hip/back injury when I was about 30. It wasn’t anything that the drs could help me with, it required time and rest. At the end of that, I no longer exercised and put on a ton of weight. Good for you for trying to find something you can do while you heal. Good luck with the MRI.

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