Road trip!

I went on a road trip with Lynne and Blogless Faith to the Wooly Lamb yarn shop and out to lunch.

I made it out the door without buying anything. Lynne did not- but then again, she churns out FO’s way faster than I can so I guess she needs more yarn than me.

Blogless Faith showing off her Noni Bag.

Isn’t the bag just incredible? All that felted glory? It’s beautifully lined to boot! She did a great job and receives compliments wherever she goes. Hmmmm I think I need a felted bag…

I learned to embroider (sort of) to finish up my legwarmers, but I seem to be having trouble making these circles that are in the center of the flowers:

My circles are not as poofy. Does anybody know what stitch that could be so I can Google it?


6 responses to “Road trip!

  1. I can’t tell for sure, but it might be a bullion. Here is a tutorial I used and the bullion came out fine.

  2. Could it also be a french knot? Can’t quite tell from the picture.

  3. What a great time you must have had! I admire your willpower, walking out of the store with no purchase. I’m not always so good at that …

  4. aaaa Blogless Faith? I feeling blog pressure! Could the centers be multiple french knots?

  5. You’re on my blogroll…what’s taking you so long!

  6. That felted bag is gorgeous!!!! I’m sorry but I don’t know anything about embroidery to even suggest something for you.

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