Spiderweb Stitch

Lynne had the brainstorm to actually CONTACT the designer of the socks- and we got our answer!

Kristin Nicholas  emailed us back and told us that the flower centers are the spiderweb stitch. How we would have been able to know that from the diagram, I don’t know. Unless you are an embroiderer, not an amateur craft-er.

So I Googled “spiderweb stitch” and lo and behold, the first page up is a tutorial  on embroidering knits by Kristin herself, as published in Interweave Knits. Was Vogue Knitting too cheap to pay for the tutorial as well as the design? Or maybe Vogue thinks that their readers are already well versed in embellishment. Either way, I like tutorials and diagrams in my knitting mags.

Mmmmm…. time for some coffee and embroidery and prayer!


7 responses to “Spiderweb Stitch

  1. I know spiderweb stitch and I wouldn’t have guessed that looking at the picture. Kudos for emailing the designer.

  2. I’m glad you found your answer – and help, too! It’s great that the designer got back to you. Isn’t it great when things come together?! 🙂

  3. Dana, you have no idea how tempted I”ve been to get more yarn to do another pair as legwarmers. I have gone to ebay SO many times since Monday! Dang!

  4. So glad you solved the mystery! Can’t wait to see your finished pair. I will be praying for your appt. tomorrow. I hope your hip is good as new very soon!

  5. Looks yummy! Glad you figured it out too.

  6. Lookin’ forward to seeing those legwarmers when they’re done! Good luck!

  7. your coffee looks great!

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