Knit Your Dog A Sweater KAL Update

Mercy was feeling a bit cold lately so I decided to whip her up a sweater from some bulky yarn I had left over form the great cable disaster. Mercy is a 6 pound Yorkie, so sweaters her size are pretty quick to knit, plus I have yet to have a FO for Project Spectrum!

I have a great book called Puppy Knits that has a host of designs but they all used worsted weight yarn. So I used the pattern as a general guide but trusted my imagination and measuring tape for the rest. Plus if you knit it on circulars, it’s easy to try it on your dog to check size.

I’m going to sort of tack down the collar and the i-cord is for the belt. I haven’t decided if I will actually tie the belt in the back or use some sort of clasp. Maybe a felted flower… we’ll have to try them all!


5 responses to “Knit Your Dog A Sweater KAL Update

  1. Cute! You’ll have to post a pic of her wearing it.

  2. I’m so jealous about how long it didn’t take you to knit that! One piece of Casey’s sweater is bigger than that.

    Great job!!

  3. That is cute. What does Mercy think?

    How nice to knit for someone so small who won’t grow out of it before you’ve finished it!

  4. That sweater is so cute!

  5. Awwww… she’s a cutie in her new sweater. I really have to knit my doggy a sweater now that she is shorn.

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