Finally… the MRI results!

So I finally got my MRI results on my hip injury after all the chaos at the doctor’s office a few weeks ago. I only had to wait 30 minutes this time, as opposed to 2 hours. Good deal.







How does one fracture their pelvis? First of all, it could only be me, because I am the only person I know who has bizarre injuries like this. Secondly, the doctor said that it just wasn’t typical for a 24 year old to have a chronic onset of a stress fracture here… So basically we think it’s related to a bike accident that happened at my old gym at the end of December.

I was in a spinning class and after 50 minutes of class, the pedal felt weird. So, I figured I should sit down and not do the “Jumps” that the rest of the class was doing, slow down, and look at the bike. Before I could adequately slow down, the entire pedal arm came off of the bike. The bolt connecting it snapped like a twig. My leg kinda of jerked down, as the pedal came off and slammed on the ground.

And I’ve had weird hip pain ever since. Quite excruciating during January and early February, but getting better day by day. The doctor didn’t give me any restrictions- he said that the fracture showed to be healing and that I should be as good as new in 6-8 weeks. He hooked me up w/ some physical therapy sessions that start tomorrow to restrengthen some muscles that just have been too painful to use and he encouraged me to RUN AS MUCH AS I COULD- to let pain be my guide.

Woo HOO! I’ll be running on the treadmill tonight- maybe not 8 miles, more likeΒ  2 or 3. Gosh I miss that adrenaline rush.

Us runners…. a different breed!


15 responses to “Finally… the MRI results!

  1. That’s great news that you are healing and that you get to run while recovering! Also, it’s good that the mystery was solved.

  2. What a crazy injury but great news about being able to run!
    Heal well…

  3. How crazy! Hope you are feeling better!

  4. I’m so glad that your injury is healing, and part of the treatment is to run. You must be overjoyed!!! That is such wonderful news.

  5. I am so glad you finally got an answer! My husband’s mother fell off an 8′ latter a couple of years ago. She thought she was ok, but after a couple of weeks she was still feeling badly. She found out that she had a fractured pelvis and was on crutches for about 6 weeks. That is really great that you are able to run while healing. Hope you are all better soon!

  6. That is an odd way to get hurt, but what a relief that all you have to do is PT! Great news! Hope that gym retired that bike.

    I’m looking forward to the special swap…it’s time to start planning! =)

  7. Wow! Glad to know it’s not going to keep you down. Who would have thought you can run with a fractured pelvis. I hope it heals up the rest of the way soon and you are back to your old running habits πŸ™‚

  8. GREAT news! I mean about the running. It’s crazy that you actually fractured your pelvis. That is some talent. πŸ™‚

    Here’s to being on the mend!

  9. what a way to get hurt! at least you can still run! and knit ;o)

  10. I’m glad you have an answer and that you are allowed to run. Enjoy the treadmill! πŸ™‚

  11. The Lord does indeed heal! So happy that you are on the mend.

  12. Glad you know what it is! Knowledge surely is some kind of power. Have you heard of proprioceptive pt or rehab? It’s basically balance and strengthening vs just strengthening. Has been very helpful for me, ask your pt person about it. They usually incorporate some of it into rehab (you know, the wobbly board, that sort of thing).

  13. Your secret pal

    Hi Dana,

    Just dropping by to say ‘hi’. I hope your pelvis is okay. Does it hurt lots? Will it just heal itself? It sounds a bit painful.

    Your secret pal

  14. hey dana…just wanted to make sure you got your SP10 assignment. please email me at sphostesscecily AT gmail DOT com.


    p.s. hope that your pelvis isn’t in TOO much pain!!

  15. Wow, what a crazy injury. Glad to hear you’re on the mend and you can keep running… and knitting of course!

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