So one day as I was cruising around Flickr, looking to be inspired by some knit projects and to laugh at some dog pictures, I came across this:

Yes! It is a 1965 restored Vespa, complete with sidecar and little yorkie with doggles!!!! I want one.

Knitting has been a wee bit slow lately as I have been a little busy! I’m hoping to get some knitting time in tonight after the gym. I thought that I would be able to make all these blue thing for Project Spectrum but with only a week and a half left of blue/white/ grey, I’m afraid all I will be left with are WIPS. I haven’t eveb negun to think about April/May colors!

Physical Therapy is going well, though its a little expensive! I’ve been running a little bit and hope to continue that. Maybe someday soon if it ever decides to become spring and STAY that way I can start biking outside to give my weary bones a rest.


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  1. What a funny photo!

  2. That makes me happy 🙂

  3. You must get one of these! I can see you in Mercy in all over town:) Gosh, I hope you feel better soon and your injury heals fast!

  4. PT expense… do you belong to a gym? After my pt benefit from insurance was up (it didn’t last long…) I hired a personal trainer at the Y for an hour, in 3 installments of 20 minutes. She gave me some very specific and good exercises each time. Good luck! And the vespa with the yorkie in goggles, too cute!

  5. *love* this photo — I can definitely see you and Mercy riding around in that!!! (we need a new Mercy photo soon).

    I hope you are starting to feel better and that spring comes to the northern U.S. as well soon…we have all the snow from the last storm too and I also want to get out and ride my bike.

  6. That is too funny! I want one too.

  7. Thanks for posting that pic! It is hilarious! And, yes, pt is expensive. My son was in OT for a little over six months, well over the insurance limit. It took us another 6 months to pay off our bill. I hope it doesn’t get that bad for you!

  8. That is very cute! I hope your hip is getting better. I am slowly getting stuff together for your first package. =)

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