Project Spectrum-less

The colors have changed and I don’t have one single idea, nor the right yarn, to make a project! I have some random pink in my stash that I don’t know what to do with! Some leftover green and a little bit of yellow. What’s a girl to do?

Hopefully I will figure that out in sunny San Diego!


6 responses to “Project Spectrum-less

  1. You have some pretty yarns! Maybe a scarf?

  2. Your stash looks quite like mine! Lots of blues, some brown, little bits of other colors but not much for a whole project!

  3. San Diego? Sounds wonderful!

    Maybe some of the smaller amounts could make little baby hats or booties? The yellow looks so sunny and cheerful. Maybe spring wristwarmers or arm warmers? (At the rate we’re going…)

  4. Your secret pal

    Wow! You look like you have some great yarns in your stash. Enjoy San Diego!

  5. That’s a fairly tame stash! Color-work hat? Have fun in San Diego.

  6. Dana I just realized that a few posts down you had the LMKG book open to the hourglass sweater. Are you knitting it? It is on my soon to be swatched list, so if you are, we should do a knit-together!

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