Attack of the technology

After over a week of being out of commission, I find myself with a voicemail box and inbox that is full. I think it is safe to say that I have weeded through all my messages, deleted 17 voicemails from my mother, and responded to all overdue emails. Hey it only took me two days! Does anybody know why mothers will call your house, then when you don’t answer, call your cell phone, then your spouse’s cell phone, then your house again? For a non-emergency call? I don’t know.

My brother has been living with us since the first week of May while my mother & her husband have their new condo remodeled. It’s been fun to have Mike around, a little stinky at times, and a little cramped. Makes me nervous about when the baby gets here. Mike’s in our guest bedroom/ office so I haven’t had much computer time- after he moves in with the folks at the end of the month Keith and I will start the office migration to the basement.

Living with Mike brings a lot of political talk into every day life. He’s a poli-sci major at George Washington University and he watches C-Span for fun- so naturally we’ve been watching way more news that we normally do and actually watching some of the debates.

Does anybody else think that it is ridiculous to be having 20 people vying for the presidency at this point in time? Having these GOP debates and Democratic debates this early is insane. I have never seen ten podiums on a stage at one time- it’s just not done. Not only that, but don’t these people have, like, JOBS to do?

“Hi, I’m your Senator and I should be in Washington voting on legislation that affects you but instead I’m in Iowa drumming up support for the Fill-in-the-party-name- Nomination.”

“Hello there. I’m your Governor but I’m a little busy raising money to make a White House run to worry about this state anymore.”

I also find it quite amusing when the “candidates,” if you can call them that at this juncture in time, are asked preposterous questions- like when Mike Wallace asked Mitt Romney in a 60 minutes interview if they had pre-marital sex. Not a presidential job interview question people!!!!!!!!!!!!

Or belief in evolution vs. creationism.

My word we are not  trying to find a pastor for the country, but a president. Now I am a woman of faith and I do admit to prefer to have leaders that look to the Bible as their moral compass instead of feelings and what’s “in” at the time, but these type of doctrinal questions don’t really have a place in a presidential race. Maybe if they were in context of “What should be taught in high school biology, creationism or evolution?” or asking where a candidate stands on sex education, abortion, etc., but I think we have gotten off the topic of presidency here.

A president’s job is to PROTECT the people of the country and lead them in a positive direction, working with congress to establish legislation that will help citizens. Why does it always seem like a soap opera? How about Taxes in New York? Why do we have to pay so darn much? And how about my father, who came down with cancer last year, had no money, no nothing, where was Uncle Sam? Uncle Sam wasn’t around, even though my father paid into the system for years and years and years. What about the cultural revolution where anything that is conservative is so taboo- like the idea that I will stay at home to raise our children and not work outside the home- why is that so bad? Why is God such a weird idea to people? Why are the things I like to do like sewing and reading and knitting and creating things…… why are those faux pas to so many? Doesn’t anybody appreciate anything anymore?

Ah que mio. I’ll get off my soap box. See what having my presidential hopeful brother in the house does to us? LOL.

Back to my regularly scheduled blog tomorrow.


4 responses to “Attack of the technology

  1. At least the baby will be smaller than your brother, maybe just as stinky though!

    I’m with you- why do we have to hear about presidential candidates already!?! Ay yi yi, I guess it’s just the way things will be from here on out. None of the politicians who represent us seem to ever go to the office, must be a pretty cush ride…

  2. It is so ridiculous to ask if a candidate had premarital sex. RIDICULOUS!!!

    I’m with you and I think we are actually more feminist than the “real” feminists. We ENJOY being feminine!!

    Looking forward to seeing some baby knitting from you, too!

  3. Gosh, I had no idea they were asking the candidates such silly questions. Like you said, we need a strong leader, not an example of human perfection. Because there is no such thing anyway. I have avoided any political news of late. Might as well wait till the primaries, because we will get the rehash of everything at that time, anyway.

  4. My mom ussed too call me when I was in university and panic if I wasn’t home. At 7pm. On a friday. and at 8pm and at 9pm and at 10pm. sheesh! Then she would call me at 7:30am to see if I was home. (pre-cell phone days. Thank goodness)

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