SP10 arrives!

Check out my second SP10 gift from my Secret Pal who lives ALLLL the way in Australia! She is the best! This is just a sampling of the goodies she packed into one box. Who knew the mail could bring such fun? SHe also sent me this beautiful sock yarn that I just can’t wait to figure out how to makes socks with…

And a little gift for a swap mama is on the way to… via secret pal to Lynne!

I did finish the booties… but gifted them away before I got a picture of them! I’ll try to snag a photo of the baby wearing them next week.

New York City was a whirlwind of a weekend- but aren’t all weekend trips like that?

This was as close as I got to the Statue of Liberty. We were too busy eating everything in Brooklyn to see her. Maybe next time Lady Liberty.

Tonight we are off to the Greek Festival in town. MMM MMM good!


5 responses to “SP10 arrives!

  1. You smell! Fart Girl!

  2. You got Cherry Ripes!!! I love that candy. My friend Heather in Sydney just sent me a few and I am going to savor them (I have to hide them from Chris, LOL, so he doesn’t gobble them down all at once).

    The Koalas are good too, and Heather even sent frogs once. 🙂

  3. P.S. We need a new Mercy photo…

  4. Your secret pal

    I’m glad the package arrived safely and pretty fast too. I’m glad you like it too. I enjoy putting them together. I better get my act together with your final package.

  5. I miss you, Dana!!!!

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