Pregnancy Diaries- 1

So I am now officially beyond the halfway mark of pregnancy and it is hard to believe most of the time that there is a little baby growing inside of me. The thought of that miracle is both amazing and weird.

(not our baby but a 3-D image compliments of

We have been blessed by having 2 other couples that we know going through their first pregnancy as well! One baby is due August 1st and the other September 23rd. We are expecting our little wee one November 5th- so hopefully we will learn a little bit from each of their experiences in advance of our own.

I have had a pretty easy pregnancy so far and I am immensely thankful! My first trimester was pretty uneventful, with my main symptom being exhaustion. Weeks 10-12 I was nauseous at night, though not throwing up. Unfortunately the worst week of that was while in San Diego visiting my husband’s family.

I continued running for the first 10 weeks but was required to stop by the broken pelvis, which is still not healed!!!! Frustrating.

I already feel like I have gained too much weight, though my doctors say I am perfectly on track. Unfortunately the thorn in my side that I struggle with has always been weight & eating issues so pregnancy will have to help me get over it. I want absolutely ZERO photos taken of me until after 4 months post partum!!!! My two friends that are pregnant too are very thin and look cute pregnant (think Kelly Ripa pregnant-like). I need some fat friends! LOL. But hey, Kate Hudson gained a little too much and she’s doing ok now!

I felt the baby move a few weeks ago- a little fluttering feeling that just doesn’t feel like anything you’ve ever felt before. I wonder if I’ll be able to figure out what the baby is moving at some point.

Right now we are slowly working on getting nursery projects moving. The computer set up will be going to the basement office this weekend as will the rest of the office/ guestroom furniture.

I have been trying to figure out which fabric I want to use to make the curtains & bedding with- and I am having such trouble! I found these three coordinates that I really like, but I am not sold on them yet. Our house is small- a 2 bedroom 1 story condo so all of the rooms need to somewhat match. The color theme of the house is generally browns and coffee house colors. I though that the purple and teal would still be modern, yet feminine. Plus the fabrics could easily transition to a child’s room OR a craft room curtains for me.

Any favorite fabric online stores?


7 responses to “Pregnancy Diaries- 1

  1. I am sure that you look beautiful and full of life (literally) 🙂 I really like the top fabric with the leaves. People really seem to love Reprot Depot for fabrics ( )
    otherwise purl soho has some fabric choices too (

    Someday I will have to get out the sewing machine so that I can be crafty with fabric!!! I can’t wait to see the room progress

  2. I like the fabrics you’re considering!

    Try not to worry about how you look/will look. You are a beautiful person and you look great all the time! If you don’t take any pictures, you won’t have anything to look back on. I wasn’t in many post-pregnancy pictures (because I was taking them of S holding the baby) and I regret only having a few pictures of me with her. Have bunches of pictures taken. You can always hide them away if you don’t like them. 🙂

  3. One of the things I missed the most after giving birth was being able to feel the baby move inside me. I just loved that. With my last one (the most stubborn, go figure) she would push out with a tiny knee or elbow, so that you could even see it on my stomach, and I would push back, and she would push back, over and over… it was like playing with her already!

  4. Oh you must have pictures of yourself pregnant. I always hated mine but now that I am older I am so thankful for them. I can look at them and think “you were kind of cute with a round belly” No It wasnt kelly ripa like either. Well maybe the first trimester with my first child….my last child on the other hand…well I got to hear from my MIL who has a bit of dementia would tell me, everytime she saw me “I’ve never seen anyone so huge before”

  5. OK, I’m with the group. You need pregger pictures. You don’t have to share them with people but have them taken for yourself. And not to scare you or anything but pictures of your body pregnant are way better than pictures of your post-partum body. Even now that I”m back to my pre-preg weight, the skin on my belly is loose. They say it goes back and it has gotten a lot better since immediately post-partum but I can still pinch skin.

  6. My SIL gained a LOT of weight during both of her pregnancies, maybe 70 pounds? But was so very quickly back to her usual size 4 or so self. I took some pics pregnant, with the belly hanging right out over some shorts and laying out like a beached whale at Lake Ontario…I thought they were amusing, and still do! You can do things like a pic of your lovely face (this person) and a pic of the sonogram (has this person) and a pic of the big belly (in here)!

  7. Okay, I LOVE the fabric!!!! The baby looks just like Keith!!!!!!

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