I don’t really have a knitting bag. I have bags that I use for my knitting, but I have never purchased a bag solely for knitting. So, I am working on the interim knitting bag which is really a cute diaper bag by Amy Butler.

Even the directions say that it could also be used as a yoga bag, college bag, beach bag, or knitting bag. All of my pieces are cute and ready to be interfaced and sewn tonight. The best part about the bag is the fabric that I scored at Wal-Mart- it was only a dollar a yard!

So, interim knitting bag you ask? I’m not due to have our baby until the end of October or early November so I figure I could get some use out of the bag until we have to pack the “hospital bag.”

That way I could have a bag while I knit this:

The pattern is from Vogue knitting and it calls for worsted weight yarn. I think that if I bought the yarn through knitpicks.com I’d have a total cost of $35. I fell in love with stranded colorwork while making my wild legwarmers , for which I still technically need to finish one footie, and think that the chart pattern would be a snap to do. Knitting with two colors in both hands makes me feel like I have mad skills and I really want a knitted knitting bag! This market bag/ knitting bag/ super cool bag is what I am thinking about doing for the Tour de France KAL, which starts in a few weeks. I’ll have to do a project roundup this week and see if it’ll fit.


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  1. I forgot to mention….my b-day is Nov 5!!! Stick with that day 🙂

  2. That fabric really is great – especially at $1/yard! Your bag will be wonderful.

  3. Wow! Both those bags look really pretty. I can’t wait to see it when its finished. I wish I could sew but in high school I managed to not have to do sewing in DT (Design and Technology – is the equivalent Home Ec?). *sigh*

  4. That looks like it’ll be a great bag, for so many uses! Both bags do.

  5. Pretty and Pregnant,
    I can’t wait to see the finished bag.

  6. What a beautiful knitted bag!! I admire your patience; I’m not sure I can handle stranded colorwork and charts. It will be perfect for the Tour de France KAL.

    So nice to see a photo of Mercy. I hope she is well. I also hope you found more of your green yarn, and that your hip is not giving you too much pain!

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