Some FO’s and a project round-up

Viola- the Nappy bag!

A cell phone pocket and ample pockets inside- I am liking this bag as a knitting bag but do see it’s true purpose as a diaper bag. Plus the fabric is cute and I’ll probably be toting around a diaper bag more often than a knitting bag in a few months- although there is room enough for a small project in addition to oodles of baby apparatus.

I only broke 3 needles on this project and ended up going up to size 16 to finish the strap edging.

I also busted out my Sew-What Skirts book and made my first a-line drawstring waist skirt.

Everybody has a bummer first project, right? Thank heavens that fabric was super cheap. The book teaches you how to draft a pattern and I ummm… drafted a little too much flair on the skirt so now it just looks plain weird. If at first you don’t succeed, try try again!

The baby sweater is finished!

Pattern: Child’s Placket Neck Pullover from Last Minute Knitted Gifts

Size: 0 – 6 months

Yarn: 1 skein Lorna’s Lace Shepherd Sport in the beautiful “Bittersweet” colorway

Thoughts: I loved this little sweater project and loved watching the colors change. There is some interesting pooling on the bottom half of the sweater, where it was knit in the round, but I don’t mind. Because it was knit in the round, no seams to sew!

As we are preparing our home for a baby, we have been in major cleanup/ organization mode. Our office is now in the basement as is our guest bed, though disassembled! Through this I have been attempting to organize my craft stash, particularly the yarn corner in the living room. Lord knows that will have to move once our baby is mobile! In going through my yarn, I made a list of all the projects that I have in queue:

Paton’s V- Neck Sweater- yes it’s 100% wool and I have been working on it just to get it done and out of queue! Strangely though, the 90 degree weather makes it feel as though it is felting in my hands so this project has become an air-conditioning only project.

Hourglass Sweater – cast on, cast off, for now this baby is just skeins of yarn waiting to be cast on again. I’m thinking September would be a good time to pick this back up, especially because the color is so similar to the Paton’s V-Neck.

Wild- legwarmer/socks- I need to make one last little sock footie.

Sabres hat for the husband- needs to be done before the start of the NHL regular season. Anybody know when that is? Tomorrow? Yikes!

Baby Matinee Coat- ha- this photo is deceiving. It’s all ripped back to the wee beginning due to, ahem, gauge issues and cotton yarn. It’s for 6-12 months so I’ve got some time.

Last Minute Knitted Gifts Camisole- I’ve got most of the yarn and have decided to make this a post- partum project, serving as a knitting project and motivation to shed the baby weight so I can actually wear it.

Alpaca Scarf- for my dear husband who thinks he is allergic to wool. I have about 4 rows done! I’m hoping to have this one done before the chilly weather sets in.

Dublin Bay socks- Knit with Lorna’s Laces Bittersweet of course! I;;m telling you, these people that can crank out socks are just ubelievable. This is taking a while. Part of me wants to finish them in the next month before we go to San Diego since I bought the yarn there and my in-laws could see the finished product live and in glorious color, but part of me wants to frog it and start over.

One… two… eight knitting projects (I haven’t counted up the sewing ones).

Do I have room to make this lovely bag?


11 responses to “Some FO’s and a project round-up

  1. Love that bag! That baby sweater is ADORABLE!

  2. Yes, everyone does have a bummer first project, but yours doesn’t look like a bad project. What’s wrong with it? From the picture, I think it looks really cute. I also love your bag and sweater!

  3. Wow, your first project looks way better than mine did. Mine was a striped (mismatched at seams of course) seersucker potato sack masquerading as a skirt. A complete disaster! I’ve asked my library for a copy of Sew What! I’m interested to see it! I’ve heard really good reviews of it.

  4. You need to make more bags! It’s great, and you’ll probably find yourself wishing you had several. The skirt’s not bad! (but if you really don’t like it, can you recut it and make a bag?). (Look at your little belly!). Nice baby sweater too…you sure are busy.

  5. Wow! You have a lot of amazing projects going on! And you can sew. I couldn’t use a sewing machine to save my life.

    Has part 1 of your final package arrived yet?

  6. All of that and a baby too???? You are a crazy woman!

  7. The skirt looks fine in the picture. What is it you don’t like? The bag is super cute.

  8. Yay! The nappy bag! I think it looks great! And while I used it as a diaper bag, I think it’s versitile enough to be a knitting bag, although I sorta wish it sat up by itself instead of flopped onto the floor. But, I’m not a huge knitter either…

    I just got Sew What Skirts and I’m hoping it’s as easy as they say it is. I can’t see what’s wrong with your skirt. It looks good to me!

  9. The sweater is precious! I love the pooling, how fun is it! You sure do have a lot of things to finish up… makes me feel a little better about my list! I like the skirt, can’t see what you don’t like, it’s cute 🙂

  10. I don’t think there’s a single thing wrong with that skirt! It’s A-line, which is a popular silhouette right now. And the design on the fabric is cool!

  11. You just made me feel so much better. Sorry this comment comes so late after you wrote the post but I had to write and say THANK YOU!

    I found your site while searching for pictures of someone who had made Amy Butler’s short pleated apron from ‘In Stitches’, and while scanning through your site to find it, I see that you have the ‘Sew What Skirts’ book, too. I started that book by trying the simple drawstring skirt, too, and it came out AWFUL. I haven’t touched the book since. I’m glad to see that I wasn’t the only one, maybe I’ll go home and give the book another try.

    Lovely website, thank you for writing and have a wonderful day!

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