maternity shopping

After running some errands and driving my brother to his job, I decided to stop at the mall and pick up a few new Yankee Candle scents. Of course I had to pass by the Motherhood Unnamed Maternity store to get to Yankee Candle, so I decided to stop in a see if I could nab some great finds. They have great tank tops for only 7.50 and I am definitely all about those this summer.

What you have to know about pregnant women is that some of us aren’t super comfortable with our expanding bodies, even though we know it is only for a season that we are all puffed up, we still feel less than gorgeous. Some of us still have innie belly buttons, which tend to look like the Grand Canyon in the middle of our snug t-shirts. Our chests have exploded and some of us have just gotten big all over. Knowing that, shopping can be a difficult experience to find something that looks nice on the body that we think looks like a whale.

Enter in 20 year old college student that works there.

“So, can I help you find something?”

“Um, I’m okay, just looking.” (as I browse through the sale racks)

“Here, I thought you might like these. I’ll start a dressing room for you.” She shows me several items clearly 2 sizes bigger than I need.

“Uh, thanks.”

“Don’t feel bad about how you look, I put on the fake belly and I look RIDICULOUS pregnant. So it can’t be that bad.”

Great, I think, you weigh 90 pounds soaking wet and have twigs for legs. I’m sure you looked ridiculous.

I smiled.

“So, are you looking for a particular color or style?”

“Not really, whatever may catch my eye I guess.”

“Yeah, by this point you are probably not worried about fashion or how things look, just for something that fits you, right?”

I wanted to shake her! Not worried about fashion or how things look, just something that fits over my expanding tummy? Mind you I am 5 months pregnant, and I am not enormous yet. Hello! I still want to look pretty and I don’t want to be wrapped in a burlap cloth!

I politely tried to explain that while fit is important, so is looking nice and feeling confident about yourself. She didn’t have a clue. I bought the tank tops and 1 shirt- I could have found more but I just wanted to get out of there as quickly as possible. Do they train these people???? Do they know that pregnant women have all sorts of emotions and crazy hormones floating around? Thankfully I’ve been pretty much on the up and up, otherwise I am not sure if I would have bit my tongue.

In other news, I have finished the back of my Paton’s V-Neck Sweater and am now on the sleeves. I have decided to knit both at once, even though it takes longer to get some length, at least you know you have the same number of rows on each sleeve. I don’t really like keeping track of every row and then repeating the exact same thing.

My secret pal package arrived:

I am so blessed by my secret pal! She has hooked me up with goodies galore- and what has been almost as tempting as the infamous Tim Tams is the Jo Sharp cotton… how I want to cast on for it’s intended camisole. The color is so gorgeous and the yarn is so lovely but I must finish the sleeves of my Paton’s Sweater. Must finish the sleeves!

My Secret Pal also knit me a few cute items, and I’ll share two today:

A little watermelon hat and the baby kimono from the Mason Dixon Knitting book I have been admiring for so long! The little hat is poised on a grapefruit, as I have read in a few knitting books that a grapefruit is the approximate size of a newborn’s head. So small and yet I wince at the thought of squeezing that out.

In sewing news, the fabric for the baby’s room has arrived, some from Purl and some from Caroline Creative. I won’t be working on the baby stuff for a while, too many sewing projects in queue, but soon enough.

Happy crafting!


10 responses to “maternity shopping

  1. May that little tiny salesgirl swell up like a watermelon on her first trimester. There, does that make you feel any better?

    That hat is the cutest thing out there! What a great box of goodies, too!

    I always knit my sleeves together now, and try to do them before I do the much more fun front šŸ™‚

  2. Hmm…I hope they evaluate her sales tactics sometime! šŸ™‚

  3. Ooooh, what nice goodies! I can’t wait to see how your sewing efforts turn ou

  4. I was always amazed by what people thought was appropriate to say to a pregnant woman. My last pregnancy, I was working in an OR and had to dress in a locker room. Someone told me “Your ass is getting big”. I couldn’t believe it!

    I think pregnant women are beautiful- no matter what size. I also hated that unnamed store- and loved the target stuff!

  5. Oh, I’d definitely use some of that hormone induced energy and report her to the big bosses because they surely do NOT want that kind of sales person. You could have burst into tears and not purchased ANYthing. Good luck finding what makes you feel good. (and I heard about the grapefruit, but for me it felt like a watermelon!)…but it is over relatively quickly, and you have such a miracle that you forget pretty quickly.

  6. The watermelon hat and kimono are so sweet!! I’m sorry you had such a horrific shopping experience.

  7. Yay! I’m glad it got there and that you like them. I had the greatest time being your secret pal. Keep an eye out for the last package!!

  8. Hmmm, maybe that salesgirl has managed to sell stuff and thinks that her appoach works. what she doesn’t realize is that women are buying something and running away! Maybe you should write into head office and, not complain about her exactly, just state that the salesgirl seemed a little naive about how pregnant women may or may not react to comments made about their looks…

  9. What a horrible sales girl! Holy smokes. I shopped at the same place and hated it so much, I walked out. My cutest pregnancy clothes came from The Gap online. I think most pregnant women feel exactly like you… so few of us have/had the skinny, cute basketball-belly with skinny legs and arms. Try to focus on that sweet baby, and stop looking at grapefruits!

  10. What a great package you received! Hopefully the thrill of receiving a lovely package from someone was enough to help to forget the extreme lack of tact of the store employee. You would really think she would know better. Good grief.

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